GMR Courier Services

Frequently Asked Questions

My business is seasonal, will this be a problem?

No, because we absorb the main cost you will only have to pay a small storage fee when you are not busy.

I hear courier services go up & down is this true?

Yes, and because of this we work with all the main companies, if one is not performing we will switch to another.

How can I track the parcel if a customer has a query?

We will do it for you.

My range has 462 different options can you cope with this?

Yes, we will make a bespoke area available to you and would meet with you to discuss your options and how we would make it work.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our fulfilment services

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At Kingsmoor Packaging we set a very high standard of customer service. in doing so we choose carefully our partners with regards to providing this service.

GMR Couriers have been faultless in every way. I have called them in the middle of the night to both arrange and change instructions. Always a courteous voice on the phone even in antisocial hours when we should all be fast asleep.

We are judged by our own customers on the cleanliness of the vehicles used and the politeness and efficiency of the drivers. The staff at GMR represent our own standards well and it costs less than you think for a same day service.

Mark Vincent, Kingsmoor Packaging Limited  more